Lead generation is the process of attracting potential clients to your business's products or services. Through effective marketing, you can start to build a database of potential clients that have an interest in your offering and convert them into paying customers or clients. Our aim is to secure leads for your business in an effective way so that you can retain contact with them and regularly expose them to your business and its offerings. Here we explain some of the effective ways we can create leads for your business to nurture into clients.


The first step in effective lead generation is to access as many people as possible that may be interested in your product or service. Some of the more effective ways of doing this are tapping into wide markets within one place. For example, Facebook and Google get millions of hits every day. By having ads appear on both Facebook and Google will give your business exposure to millions of people each day your advertisement appears. To do this we have to have something eye catching that will appeal to your target audience and promote their engagement.


Engaging a client comes from exposure and then their interest in your product or service. This will happen through clicking onto the advertisement that is displayed on the screen of their phone or computer. This will then link them to your business page, which has all your products and services listed. It is important that your page is easy to navigate so that your potential client is able to find what they are looking for quickly and easily, which will increase the likelihood of them spending more time on your page and signing up to take a part of your database.

Database Building

To build your database after your client has been exposed to your business and engaged with it, is to have them provide their details. This can be done in ways that are appealing to them by providing them with an offering. For example, you can ask them to sign up to receive details on promotions and discounts for their VIP clients. If people feel they are going to receive a bargain from providing their email address, they are likely not to hesitate. Most people love discounts and saving money, so by offering something appealing to them you are likely to start building your database quite quickly.

Conversion to Clients

Sometimes a potential client can be converted to a paying client the same day they are exposed to your business, but others require a little bit of nurturing. Keeping regular contact with your database is an integral part of this process to convert your leads, or the whole marketing process will not be as effective as it could be if it was utilized. Keeping in touch with your database is generally done through email, providing promotional information, available sales and discounts. Remember that the people who have signed up are already interested, they just need to find something they can't turn down.