You can tell an entire story in one image or video. Sharing this content on social forums can be a great way to get the message and intention of your business across to people in a quick and effective way. To get the maximum engagement possible, eLuxurate focus on five key areas of photo and video production: content, design, links, ability to connect with the viewer, and to create engagement. Here we speak more about why each of these areas are all equally important and how we can make a plan to suit your business needs. We work with our client regarding the content and then use our expertise to complete the rest of the video production to a professional standard.


The content of the video is important to make sure that it accurately captures the business and the services you offer. It can be a good idea to explain how the business was formed, whether it be due to the understanding of the requirement of a product or service that could benefit many people or finding a more economically friendly or convenient way of completing an already established need. This helps the viewer understand why they may require your particular product or service and why they should select your business for their purchase.


The design and functionality of your video is also exceptionally important as it needs to be easily viewable by your prospective clients. For some businesses this means that the transitions in the video have to be smooth and slow, and for others such as adrenaline sports companies the need to be rather fast paced and upbeat. When working with our client and understanding your business and intentions, we will be able to gauge the right design and style for your video. Using our expertise and knowledge in the field, we will create the video and get your approval before sending it live.


Having a video for potential clients is great, but they have to know how to get to your webpage after watching it. If there is no link readily available for them to click on to access the page immediately, they may decide to do it later and eventually forget. We live in a culture that wants access to everything immediately, so we make sure that we are giving our potential clients what they want. This will also help to boost sales, build databases and increase profit margins, all of which are things that make our clients exceptionally happy with our services.


One of the best ways to get engagement is by taking advantage of the moment in which people are watching your video. This can be in the form of offering a limited time offer for people who sign up as a VIP with a link to sign up with their email address to take up the offer. This way you will have prospective clients email addresses to keep them updated on your products and services as well as any sales or promotions you have at later dates.