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When you podcast, you show that you know your stuff, that you are the people that your customers want to trust to take care of them when interacting with your line of business. And because you own the channel, you have control of every aspect of your message, whether you're

3 Ways Podcasting Will Help You To Crush The Competition

It's all the rage. But why should you be putting a show onto all the podcast networks?

1: People Are Walking Away From Radio Stations And To Podcasts

As more and more listeners walk away from terrestrial radio limited by proximity to radio towers, podcasts are expanding like never before. Podcasts allow you to connect on a level that many companies neglect, one that feels deeply personal to the listener.

Today, anyone with the know-how and equipment can produce a high-quality podcast with listenership that rivals the biggest names in radio. Now, you don't need someone else's antenna in order to reach a local, regional, or national audience, but you can connect directly to anyone in the world.

Podcasts allow your listeners to consume your content on their schedule. In fact, you'll find that when you win over a new listener, many times they'll go back and listen to every episode, from the beginning. If you've produced more than a year's worth of content, that means they'll spend a significant amount of time listening to you and what you have to say.

2: You Have A Message People Want To Hear

guest surprises podcasting hostPeople are looking for your expertise, your story, your information that can help them to live a better life. What better way to give them something for free that will cause them to want to do business with you?

It's a proven fact that when you give something away for free, people feel obligated to do or give something in return. As a host or advertiser, you can cash in on this, by either putting your message out, or financing someone else who is putting their message out. More on that in a moment.

As more and more people listen to your show and tell others about it, it becomes easier to be the authority on your niche.

With this in mind, you want your show to grow, because as you become the authority,

Great! You want to launch your show! Now what?

There are several styles of podcast that you can consider:

Informational Podcast

The most common type of podcast, the style is simple: A discussion between a host and guests, or a monologue that allows a host to describe or explain how a concept or object works, why the listener wants to use certain item or object, news about a company or an industry, to give clients of a service a way to connect with one another, and more. With an informational podcast, you're leading a conversation about the topics that will interest the people most likely to use your product or service.

Local News and Events

Do you have a unique perspective on what's going on in your community? Why not connect with people who want to hear it? Your program can showcase the events going on and how it affects your customers. However, as with the next category, we suggest treading carefully. The good news is, this format can be done in an apolitical way.

Activism Podcast

Often political in nature, we do strongly recommend considering another option, unless your company is already active in the political realm or willing to be considered polarizing. For some products or services, this can be a positive, but we would recommend steering clear most of the time.

Storyline-Driven or Variety Show Podcast

The golden age of radio has returned, with companies producing radio programs for entertainment of listeners, with sole or shared sponsorship by one or complimentary companies who routinely work together. These often big-budget productions appeal to a wide variety of listeners, with timely, respectful interruptions for a word from the sponsor, or with products, services, and slogans built into the script. When your company is sponsoring content that an audience loves, they will turn to you when they need what you offer.

Sponsored Podcast

Maybe you don't have content that you want to put out, but you want to take advantage of this podcasting wave. Why not sponsor a show? We'll match you up with a host or show that you like, who also likes and will speak fondly of your services. Their listeners will appreciate your sponsorship and many will show it!

Shall we get started?

man enjoying listening to podcastAs you can see, there are numerous advantages to podcasting, and our team can help you to create a program that helps you to stand out among the competition. We'll make sure that your show is broadcast through all of the platforms, including Apple, Spotify, and Google.

Call eLuxurate to set up and start your podcast, and start talking to your audience today!

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