Branded merchandise is a fantastic way of gathering more interest in your business through exposure of a few clients or potential clients. Most people won't turn down free stuff, especially if it is something they can use on a regular basis. One of our specialties at eLuxurate is to create promotional merchandise of a high quality to reflect the standards of your business and its services or products. We work with our clients on the designs and generally work with frequently usable items such as those we have listed below.


A promotional mug is a great way so spread awareness of your business to people it may not otherwise reach. If you provide someone with a mug that is well designed and reflects your business well, it can attract people to look into what your business is about. For example, if the person that has been provided with the mug takes it to their office and uses it for their daily tea or coffee, your business can be exposed to the whole office. These people may not have had any exposure otherwise if they are of a different demographic and don't use regular areas of marketing exposure such as Facebook.


Umbrellas are something that everyone needs, and something that you never seem to have enough of. Umbrellas can be easily transferred through a range of people, making their message spread far and wide. If you have guests over for dinner and it is raining when it is time for them to leave, you will often offer them an umbrella. If this person had an umbrella available with your business branding on it, this can aid in getting your brand out there and recognized. As the umbrellas pass from hand to hand, your exposure grows through the people it contacts, as well as those who see it drying out in a restaurant or who are watching the people outside from the warmth of their apartment.


Having your brand on a cap can be a great conversation starter for people, which is why it is great to have something eye catching and interesting as a cap is generally seen at eye level. eLuxurate understand the importance of the quality of your products as this reflects the impression of your business. We also want the promotional merchandise to last its owner a significant period of time to maximize the exposure it has within the community. It is often recommended that these are given out at local community events.


As with the other promotional merchandise, pens can be a good way to gain awareness for your business and its services. The quality of the pen is key with this sort of merchandise, as we want it to become the owners favorite pen to write with. If they always go searching for the pen with your branding on it, they are likely to remember your business on a regular basis and have a higher chance of converting to a customer.


If you've ever given - or worse received - an award with the name misspelled, the wrong position, or countless other gaffes, then you know how important it is to get this one right! When you order your awards through us, we'll work with your Human Resources department to make sure that we have the right spelling of anyone's name who's receiving an award at the banquet. You can rest assured that you'll leave your employees feeling truly honored to work and achieve for your organization. Unless, of course, you decide on the bowling trophy. We can't help you there.


Yes! At eLuxurate, we're proud to proclaim that the sky's days of being the limit are over. We can put your logo on UAVs - Unmanned Aerial Vehicles - and just about anything else you can imagine! And not only can we put your branding onto a drone, but they're proving to be one of the most popular gifts or rewards that employees love to receive!