Virtual reality tours of your business can be a great way of convincing a client that they should either visit your business in person, or that they require your products or services that they can order online. Through creating an effective virtual reality tour, your clients feel a connection to your business and that they know you and what you are all about.

It has been proven that people who feel they have a connection to a company and share their values are more likely to support and purchase from these businesses. This is exactly what we aim to achieve from our virtual reality tours when you work with eLuxurate.

Google Trusted Photographer

When you hire a Google Trusted Photographer to create a tour for Google StreetView, you increase visibility of your business to people who are looking for a company like yours. Increasing interaction creates a sense of trust, that they've seen your business inside and out, and they are more likely to do business with you than your competitor who is seemingly hiding behind not having a tour.

Google is a company built on trust, and when people find your business on Google, whether it's by searching for your service on the search engine, or using Google Maps, a sense of that trust passes on to you.

In the coming years, this will become an expected feature, much like the website is today. Why not get on board today, and be ahead of the game?


When staging for a 360° VR photoshoot, you need to know that your photographer is going to pay special attention to what makes your business pop. This will ensure that the audience you want to reach engages with your tour. During this step of production, we work closely with our clients to make sure we capture the true essence of what makes them and their brand stand out. The best virtual reality tours are those that are friendly and engaging, guiding visitors to want to come into your business.

We treat your photoshoot as though we were working for a REALTOR working to sell a high-end luxury property, using High Dynamic Range to ensure that online guests see what they would if they were to walk into your business. You want your personality to shine, and we make sure that happens. What makes you unique? What will attract your ideal clients? What is your pièce de résistance that keeps clients and customers coming back again and again? That's what we make sure to show.

Products & Services

You want to highlight the offerings of your business - that's the main point of a virtual reality tour. Whether featuring products, services, or both, our photographers work with your management to select a few of the major elements of your business and explain them with the right amount of detail to cause intrigue in your ideal customer, and need to find out more or experience your brand for themselves in person.

When creating tours for your business, we take great care to make sure to put you in the best light, to take your main idea and use immersive imagery to sell it, and to attract your ideal customer to your location, or to use your services.


When we design a 360 VR tour of your business, we start by finding your vibe. We spend time discretely observing as your employees interact with customers, with each other, and build an overall sense of what a customer will experience when interacting with your company. We then take that profile and use it as the backstory as we build your tour. The result is a warm depiction that draws customers to want to interact with your business with a desire to interact with you and buy your products or services.


When people who explore your place of business on Google Maps come to your website, it creates a sense of familiarity that extends to when they visit in person. With this first step, it becomes easier to see your business as their trusted source for your products and services.