Your business webpage it generally the first detailed exposure potential clients have with the products and services you offer. This means that it must be professional, clear and easy to use as first impressions matter greatly. Our team at eLuxurate understand the importance of having a brilliant webpage and are skilled and experienced in creating them to suit our clients needs and individuality. Here we outline some of the key elements of building a successful webpage that will help to engage your clients and promote database building.


It is hard to say what the most important part of a webpage is, but functionality is right up the top. You need your clients to be easily able to navigate their way through your page to find what they are looking for. Statistics show that if someone is unable to locate what they are looking for in the first few seconds, they will give up. Therefore, functionality and clear direction to your products, service, contact details and key information is so important. We are experienced in creating web designs that work well and have seen growth for our clients who have utilized this service of ours.

Visual Design

The visual appearance of your webpage is one of the elements that people will notice as soon as they click onto your page. We work with our clients to gain a good understanding of their vision and what their business represents. We are then able to use this knowledge to create something that reflects the business values, as well as being visually pleasing to entice potential clients to browse the site. Standard elements such as the use of fonts and color scheme are also an important part of the visual design and we can incorporate any logos or color schemes you already have.


aHaving relevant content is also an exceptionally important part of your webpage. You will want to have enough information on your product easily visible, and further detail available for those who are wanting to learn more. Having too much information on a page can overwhelm your potential clients and cause them to skip over important information. It is recommended to not only have your product and service information on your webpage, but also information about you as a business and why you started providing the products and services you did. Some clients may be more inclined to become paying customers if they feel like their views and beliefs resonate with yours.

Search Engine Optimization

The use of search engine optimization means using key works to make your webpage easier to find for people searching specific words or phrases. eLuxurate make sure that we use as many key words as we can within your webpage to increase the chances of your business page appearing at the top of a google search. This will help bring more of a steady flow through your webpage. People often don't click to the second page of a google search, which is why the use of SEO's is so important for the success of your webpage.