Pay per click advertising, also known as PPC, is a marketing process where you pay your agent, being eLuxurate, each time someone clicks on an advertisement that directs them to your business page. Our clients often find this an appealing option if they are unsure on the potential success of the marketing services provided. Here we explain a little more about what kind of advertising this is and how to best utilize it to make sure you are getting the most out of each click you pay for.


The first step is to catch the viewer's attention! Through eye-catching colors and imagery, we set up our ads to surprise and delight the right viewer for your service so they feel compelled to click the ad, while at the same time actively repelling someone who would not be a good fit for your business in such way that they simply forget the ad as soon as it's out of their sight.

Our team consults with you to ensure we'll project your bespoke image, then designs advertisements around your branding that are perfectly tailored to your target market, based on constant, ongoing market research across as many demographics and interests as possible.

Then, once we've crafted several ads, we submit the potential advertisements with explanations why they will be effective for approval prior to launch. Over time, as our team gets to better know your business, our ads become more and more tailored to your needs.

Landing Pages

So the ad is perfect. Now what? We design a landing page for every advertisement so that the transition from the site they were visiting to learning more about you seems seamless and intuitive from the moment they have clicked the ad. By extending the proper branding and message smoothly from the ad into your website, we create a fantastic user experience that delights your clients and increases their desire to do business with you.


Throughout the campaign, we closely monitor and measure engagement, or how people are reacting or responding to your advertisement.

What do we mean by, "react or respond?" Think of it the same way a doctor might say that a patient is reacting or responding to therapy.

Our team is quick to ensure that your ads and landing pages are effective, leading customers and clients through a sales funnel that entices them to choose you over the competition.